Eagle’s Nest is a must-see destination if you live or stay in Munich. After almost five years of living in Munich and so many trips behind me, I decided to organize a trip to Hitler’s infamous Eagle’s Nest. With my friends, I visited Eagle’s Nest which is sitting on the top of the rocky Kehlstein Mountain situated in the Berchtesgaden Alps. It was one of the best day trips I had from Munich.

In his blog, you can shortly read about the history of Eagle’s Nest, various ways of getting from Munich to Eagle’s Nest and visiting it without a tour, the budget the trip requires, Eagle’s Nest tours, where and what to eat, very important tips to keep in mind before your trip, and much more useful info.

Updated: 17.5.2020

Table of contents

  1. What is Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest
  2. Opening dates and hours
  3. How to get to Eagle’s Nest from Munich by public transport
    3.1. From Munich to Dokumentation Obersalzberg by train and bus
    3.2 From Dokumentation Obersalzberg to Eagle’s Nest
    3.2.1 Hike to Eagle’s Nest or
    3.2.2 By bus to Eagle’s Nest
  4. How to get back to Munich from Eagle’s Nest
    4.1 From Eagle’s Nest by lift and bus to Dokumentation Obersalzberg
    4.2. From Dokumentation Obersalzberg to Munich by bus and train
  5. Getting to Eagle’s Nest by car
  6. Where and what to eat
  7. Budget summary
  8. Eagle’s Nest tours
  9. Important Eagle’s Nest Information
  10. Accommodation
  11. Travel health insurance
  12. More day trips from Munich

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1. What is Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest

It’s a building erected during the times of Nazi Germany. In German, Eagle’s Nest is called the Kehlsteinhaus. Kehlstein is the mountain on which the building was erected. The Kehlstein mountain is part of the Berchtesgaden Alps mountain range. Haus means house or home.

The little house was given as a present to Hitler by Martin Bormann (the head of the Nazi Party Chancellery) and was used by the member of the Nazi Party for official and social meetings. It represents well the insanity of the Nazi regime, where plans for mass murders and wars were formed. It’s, by all means, an architectural masterpiece, but at the same time also a waste on natural resources.

To reach the summit of the mountain, there is a golden brass elevator in the very heart of the mountain. All this was created to impress people.

Surprising fact: Hitler has been there only 14 times as he was not really fond of the place itself. He didn’t like the location, because of his fear of height, thin mountain air, and the possibility of bad weather.

Eagle's Nest in Bavaria in Germany

Today the location is a tourist site and the Kehlsteinhaus functions as a restaurant and a beer garden.

2. Opening dates and hours

– 5th May – 21st October
The exact dates depend on the weather. Eagles’ nest is closed in winter.

– Every day 8:20 – 17:00

3. How to get to Eagle’s Nest from Munich by public transport

The cheapest way to get there is with the group ticket of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways): the Bayern-Ticket. With the Bayern-Ticket you can actually take the trip with spending as little as 11,60 € / ~ 12.50 USD).

3.1. From Munich to Dokumentation Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden by train and bus

The starting point is Hauptbahnhof Munich, the central station of Munich, where you need to take a train. Then, you need to take two different buses. If you want to plan things well in advance, click on the link below to make your booking. To search for your connections from Munich enter Dokumentation-Obersalzberg. It’s a long way from Munich and therefore I suggest that you take a train not later than 8 am.

Let me tell you about the best connection: First, you take the train to Salzburg. Second, you take bus no. 840 to Schießstättbrücke, Berchtesgaden. The bus stop is not at the main bus station located in front of the train station but it’s situated in the Karl-Wurmb-Straße.

When you step out of the train station, there is a shopping center on your right, you need to pass it, get across the street and you find the bus stop for bus no. 840. Third, when you get off bus no. 840, walk to the other side of the road and take bus no. 838 to reach Dokumentation Obersalzberg.


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3.2 From Dokumentation Obersalzberg to Eagle’s Nest

Here you have two options.

3.2.1 Hike to Eagle’s Nest

This is exactly what we did. When you get off the bus, you will see a lot of buses in one place. If you go to the direction you will see also a sign that shows the way to Eagle’s Nest. The sign tells you that it takes 4 hours to get up, but that is wrong. It takes only 2 hours 30 minutes to get up.

Length: 6.72 km
Duration: 2:30 hours (until the restaurant on the top)
Ascent: 864 meter
Difficulty level: medium

Once you get up and reach the bus ticket office, I highly suggest that you walk all the way to the restaurant even if with the lift it’s easier to get to the top. The view on the way will compensate for the effort.

3.2.2 By bus to Eagle’s Nest

In Dokumentation Obersalzberg next to the parking lot there is a bus station from which you can take bus no. 849. For this bus, the Bayern-Ticket is not valid anymore.

Bus schedule: from 8:55 every 25 minutes.

– adults: 16,50 € / ~ 17.80 USD including the lift to the top

– children: 9,60 € / ~ 10.40 USD including the lift to the top

When you reach the upper car park, there will be a long tunnel leading you into the mountain. Then, from inside the mountain, a lift takes you directly up into the Eagle’s Nest building.

Eagle's Nest in Bavaria in Germany

Once you are on the top, take your time and wander around.

Eagle's Nest in Bavaria in Germany

4. How to get back to Munich from Eagle’s Nest

4.1 From Eagle’s Nest by lift and bus to Dokumentation Obersalzberg

In case you don’t have your ticket yet, once you reach the upper car park, book your bus ticket back to Dokumentation Obersalzberg.

The price of a one-way ticket incl. the lift (2 ways): 11.70 € / ~ 12.60 USD

We tried the lift when coming down and took the last bus back at 16:50. You can, of course, walk back, but in that case, you would get back to Munich very late. My advice is that you take the time and explore the area of Eagle’s Nest as long as you can and take the last bus from there.

4.2 From Dokumentation Obersalzberg to Munich by bus and train

Follow the same route as in the morning as it’s really the best one.

5. Getting to Eagle’s Nest by car

Enter Salzbergstraße 45, 83471 Berchtesgaden in your GPS, and park your car in the parking lot. Easy peasy! You don’t have a car? We can solve the issue. Rent a car with Auto Europe. I had the perfect experience when I rented a car in Munich through Auto Europe. If you want to know more about how it went, you may read my blog about driving to the Plansee in Austria.

6. Where and what to eat

Inside Eagle’s Nest, there is a restaurant called Berg-Restaurant Kehlsteinhaus. It’s also referred to as the Eagle’s Nest restaurant. You can have a delicious meal or just a drink outside having one of the best views of Bavaria. You can find traditional Bavarian dishes on their menu. Things to try are the following:

The English translation is cold meals but the literal translation is bread times.
The best one is the Bayrischer Brotzeitteller which is the Bavarian snack platter (13.90 €). Depending on the availability it can be served with Pretzels, Kaiser rolls, Farmer’s bread, butter, Obazda, Liverwurst, a variety of smoked sausages, German burgers, pickles, radishes, and mustard.

Warm meals
Among the warm meals, the most famous dishes are the Bockwurst with potato salad (7.90 € / ~ 8.50 USD) the Hüttenwurst with sauerkraut (9.90 € / ~ 10.70 USD), and the roasted Leberkäse with potato salad (9.90 € / ~ 10.70 USD).

The bockwurst is one of the most popular German sausages made from ground pork or veal. As for the Leberkäse, it’s made from pork, bacon, and beef.

No pork meals
All the traditional meals contain pork. So, if you don’t eat pork, you can order salads or vegetarian meals such as Spaghetti with mushrooms.

The most well-known traditional dessert on the menu is the Apfelkuchen, apple cake (3.90 € /~ 4.20 USD).

Non-alcoholic drinks: 3 – 3.90 € / ~ 3.20 – 4.20 USD
Beer: 4.20 – 4.40 € / ~ 4.50 – 4.70 USD
Coffee: 4.50 € / ~ 4.70 USD

7. Budget Summary with Bayern-Ticket

Bayern-Ticket: 11.60 €/ person if you are 5 persons traveling together
(Munich to Dokumentation Obersalzberg and back)

Kehlsteinhaus bus:
one-way: 11,70 €/ adult
two-way: 16,60 €/ adult or 9,60 €/ child
(Dokumentation Obersalzberg to Kehlsteinhaus and back)

Reminder: You can only by cash for the bus tickets.

8. Tours to Eagle’s Nest

I’ve explained to you the different ways to get to Eagle’s Nest from Munich. But if you prefer an organized tour, that’s also possible.

Eagle’s Nest Tour from Munich

It’s a full-day trip with a professional English speaking tour guide including pick-up and drop-off service.

9. Important Eagle’s Nest Information to remember

Weather: Check the weather 2 days before your trip. The weather in Bavaria can be unpredictable. One day it’s rainy and the other day could be sunny. Especially, the spring is very tricky. In spring, it happens quite often that we have to cancel our planned trips in the mountains due to the weather circumstances. As you see my pictures, I was very lucky with the weather. But, if it’s rainy, you might be disappointed about your visit to Eagle’s Nest.

Roads: It can be that the roads leading to Eagle’s Nest are closed. It has to do with the weather or the snow. So, even if you don’t mind the bad weather, you can’t go there. If you booked a tour, make sure you call the organizer in advance and ask if the conditions are suitable for a nice trip. If not, you can still cancel your trip.

– Cancellation policy for tours: Check and keep in mind the cancellation policy for booked tours.

– If you travel without a tour, independently, not this telephone number: +49 8652 2029. To make sure that the location is accessible, you may call the info line of the ticket office of Eagle’s Nest.

– Cash: Bring cash for the entire day. No credit card or EC card is accepted for paying for the bus fee. I recommend that you always have cash on you for the whole day when you take trips to the mountains in Germany. It’ll make your life easier.

10. Accommodation

Staying several days is highly recommended in Berchtesgaden as there are a lot of beautiful places in the region. I’m sure if you want to go to Eagle’s Nest, you will also want to spend more time at Königssee which is the most breathtaking landmark of Bavaria. Therefore, I would like to recommend to you the same hotels as in my blog about Königssee.

I picked the most exceptional places close to Königssee Alm- & Wellnesshotel Alpenhof and Hotel Edelweiss Berchtesgaden. For families and friends, it could be the best solution.  The best reviewed Ferienwohnung is the Design Ferienwohnung Königssee.

11. Travel health insurance

If you are from outside Europe, for sure you need travel health insurance. The best one is World Nomads which is covering Europe and almost the whole world.

12. More travel Tips from Munich

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