Go-karting is a sport that I discovered this year thanks to a good friend who organized a go-karting event. I totally fell in love with speeding with those super cool open-wheel cars. Thus, I decided to organize a go-karting event for the Munich Travel Community. There are indeed a lot of places in Bavaria where you can go-kart. The one that I picked is in Kaufbeuren in Allgäu as I have found a pretty good price deal there. The place was awesome, so I would like to tell you all about it. 🙂    

  1. Getting a ticket in advance
  2. About the Allgäuer Hallenkartbahn
  3. How to get to the Allgäuer Hallenkartbahn
  4. Prices
  5. Best budget plan summary

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1. Getting a ticket in advance

I have found a really good deal through Jochen Schweizer. Jochen Schweizer is a company offering vouchers for activities to enjoy such as travel, wellness, sports, and culinary services.

So the deal is 2 and a half hours go-karting for only 49,90€. This is a pretty good deal considering the prices for go-karting.

Buy the voucher for 2 and a half hours through Jochen Schweizer here!

Every go-kart place works differently. Here there are 8-minute sessions. We had time for 6 sessions in 2 and a half hours. After each session, you have to get out of the car and queue up again. While the drivers are on the track, you already have to take a seat in the go-kart and as soon as they parked their go-kart, you are ready to go.

If you go during the week, I assume you can manage to take at least 1o rounds as you don’t have to wait for others that much. In the next section, I’ll get to the prices and you’ll see that even if you manage only 5 rounds, the deal is definitely worth it. 🙂

2. About the Allgäuer Hallenkartbahn

Karting hall
6000 m2

Track length
430 m

9 HP (horsepower)
Motor power: 270 cm3 without an engine speed limiter

Lining up for speeding. We are about to start!!! 😀

The Gokart track

Opening times

Monday – Thursday: 15:20 – 23:00
Friday & Saturday: 15:00 – 00:00
Sunday  bank & holidays: 13:00 – 23:00 (except 24. & 31. Dec.)
Bavarian school holidays: during the week from 15:00

It can be that the place holds an event. Get the latest head-ups here or call them on +49 8341 94959.

3. How to get to the Allgäuer Hallenkartbahn from Munich

By public transport

You can just take a regional train to Kaufbeueren using the Bayern-Ticket. Then, from the train station of Kaufbeueren, you can walk to the go-kart hall with the help of Google Map. Simple google Allgäuer Hallenkartbahn. There is no buy running between the train station and the go-kart hall.

Munich – Kaufbeuren: ~ 1 hour by train
Kaufbeuren train station – Allgäuer Hallenkartbahn: 45 minutes on foot

By car

If you don’t own a car, consider renting a car from Auto Europe.
Here is one blog where I write about my personal experience with renting a car.

Plansee, Seebensee, Drachensee: Day Trip from Munich

4. Prices

1 round is 8 minutes.

Tickets for adults
1 round ticket: 11 €
3 round ticket: 28 €
5 round ticket: 39 €
10 round ticket: 95 €
1-day ticket: 85 €

The 2 and a half hour ticket from Jochen Schweizer which you can use at least 6 times and max 10 times: 49,90 €.

Buy the voucher for 2 and a half hours through Jochen Schweizer here!

The ticket is valid every day.

Tickets for children until the age of 16
1 round ticket: 9 €
3 round ticket: 23 €
5 round ticket: 34 €
10 round ticket: 79 €

Double seat ticket
The first price is with a co-driver under 16 and the second price with a co-driver over 16.
1 round ticket: 12 € / 15 e
3 round ticket: 22 € / 28 €
5 round ticket: 30 € / 39 €

Special deals during the week on work days
You can check them on the website of Allgäuer Hallenkartbahn under Wochenprogramm.

5. Best budget plan summary

11,60€: Bayern-Ticket if you are at least 5 persons.
49,90€: Go-kart voucher from 2 and a half hours.
2,00€: textile helmet to be used under the safety helmet


If you have any question, write me in the comment section! 

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