After 5 years of living in Munich, I found out about this blue dazzling treasure called Blautopf in Baden-Württenberg in the Swabian Alps in Southern Germany.

The blue color of Blautopf is just so breathtaking that it doesn’t even feel real.

It’s located in the medieval town of Blaubeuren, approximately 20 km from Ulm and 185 km from Munich. With my plan in the blog, you can discover not only Blautopf but the medieval town of Blaubeuren.

Following that, you can either stay in this magical fairy tale town or shortly discover another a medieval town, Ulm.

Table of contents

  1. How to get to Blautopf from Munich by public transport
  2. Things to do around Blautopf
  3. How to get back to Munich from Blautopf
  4. Budget summary
  5. Blautopf and Blaubeuren trip by car
  6. Where to stay in Blaubeuren
  7. More day trips from Munich

1. How to get to Blautopf from Munich

1. Munich – Ulm
For this you’ll need Bayern-Ticket. You can double-check the schedule using the below search engine. I recommend you to take a train latest at 8:30.

2. Ulm – Blaubeuren

Once, you are Ulm, you need to get another ticket as Blaubeuren is already in Baden-Württemberg. You can double-check the train schedule on

Just to get how long it can take to get to Blaubeuren from Munich, here is the schedule we followed.

8:35 Departure from Munich Centrail Station for Ulm
10:35 Arrival to Ulm
10:40 Buying ticket for Blaubeuren
11:17 Departure for Blaubeuren
11:28 Arrival to Blaubeuren

3. Blaubeuren train station – Blautopf

From the train station, there are several ways to get to Blautopf. We took a short hike along the Blau river which took around 1 hour for us. But you can simply walk there on the Karlstasse which will take only 25 minutes.

2. Things to do around Blautopf 

First, we had lunch at Café am Blautopf right next to shiny water of Blautopf with a view of the famous hammer mill. Getting a table here takes time but it’s worth it. Be patient, keep an eye on people leaving, and run to the table right away. We changed the table three times and finally, we had the perfect spot right next to the lake. It was fun to fish out the best table. Don’t miss this place. It’s the best place I ever had lunch in Germany. Actually, the intensity of the water depends on the time and the weather. I have read that in the morning until noon the color is the most intense. We were there in the afternoon but the color was incredible. I wonder how shiny and blue the water can be in the morning.

And there is more to that, just under Blautopf, there is a massive underground cave system starting. If anyone wants to go there, needs to dive there. In case, you are considering making a dive after lunch, forget it. Unfortunately, it’s not for tourists.

After lunch, you can walk around the lake and take a lot of photos. Do you know why Blautopf has this stunning blue color? I’ll tell you. The limestone sediments in the water change the color of the water. Limestone is a carbonate sedimentary rock. When it weathered down over time, the minerals from the rock are dissolved and then the small pieces which were released into the water caused this blue colour. Actually, it’s kind of greenish blue.

Next, wander around the old town of Blaubeuren full of cute half-timbered medieval houses. I loved the place so much that I could have stayed there all day.

The best part of this medieval town is little Venice where you will find a row of houses along the canal called Ach.

Check out the Blaubeuren Abbey and the bathhouse of the monks as well. The abbey was founded by Benedictine monks and built in the 15th century in late gothic style.  The bathhouse of the monks is the only remaining preserved bathhouse in Germany.

We stayed only four hours here. After exploring Blaubeuren, you can either go back to Munich or shortly visit Ulm.  We scheduled a 2-hour sightseeing tour in Ulm. Feel free to follow our schedule.

3. Getting back to Munich from Blautopf

We simply walked down to the train station on Karlstrasse. Calculate 25 minutes for that.

Here is our schedule:

16:29: Departure for Ulm from Blaubeuren train station
16:41 Arrival to Ulm

If you want, you can dedicate 2 hours to Ulm. It’s a really amazing place. We managed to spend two hours sightseeing there.

And our schedule after Ulm:

19:23 Departure for Munich from Ulm
21:23 Back in Munich

4. Budget summary

Bayern Ticket: 11,60 € / person in case of a ticket for 5 persons
Return ticket Ulm – Blaubeuren: 2*4,40€=8,60€ / person (There is group ticket here as well.)
Lunch with a drink at Cafe am Blautopf: ~ 15€

5. Blautopf, Blaubeuren & Ulm day trip by car

If you want to get here earlier and you don’t have your own car, consider renting a car for a full day through Auto Europe. Auto Europe for car rental is like for hotels. Check out the deals here: Auto Europe Germany

6. Where to stay in Blaubeuren

If you want to stay for the night to explore the region, I recommend Airbnb. I have searched for the nicest and best-rated places for you in or close to Blaubeuren.

Best rated apartmant with sauna in Blaustein

Country house surrounded by nature in Blaubeuren

Holiday log house surrounded by nature in Berghülen

You can also check out what’s on but I think Airbnb is much better here. The only hotel I liked on was the Hotel Restaurant Ochsen.

7. More day trips from Munich

Click on the images to get more inspiration to travel from Munich in your free time.

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