Plansee is located in the district of Reutte in Tirol in Austria. Plansee which is the second largest lake of Tirol after the Achensee is surrounded by the ranges of the Alps. I traveled to Plansee from Munich with an awesome rental car with my friends. After spending time at Plansee we drove to the Erwahlder Almbahn. From there you can take a trip to reach Seebensee and Drachensee which are around 40 km south from Plansee.  

Table of contents

  1. Getting to Plansee from Munich by car
  2. Renting a car
  3. From Plansee to Seebensee and Drachensee
  4. Budget with rental car

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1. Getting to Plansee from Munich by car

If you just want to go to Plansee or only Seebensee and Drachensee, you can take the train for sure, but if you want to visit all three lakes in one day, you had better take a car as we did. If you don’t own a car, I’ve got the best solution for you. 😀

2. Renting a car

First time in my life I rented a car with friends. We rented the car through the website of Auto Europe. The whole car rental experience and the car itself were awesome. Let me share my experience and the most important things about car renting with you.

About Auto Europe

Auto Europe is a huge car rental wholesale company, working with about 20,000 car rental locations in 180 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, as well as North and South America. So you can always count on Auto Europe pretty much all around the world.

How does car rental work with Auto Europe?
Booking a car through Auto Europe is very simple. 😀 Through my experience, you can understand more about it.

Choosing the right car
We wanted to drive a super cool car, so we rented an Audi A3. 🙂  When you book a car, Auto Europe can only guarantee the car category, but not a specific model. That’s why when you search, you’ll see for example Audi A3 or similar. We got a brand new Audi Q2, by the way. 🙂

Choosing the rental company
We picked the local supplier, Europcar, because the car we wanted was available with them at a price that we were willing to pay. We paid 115 € for our Audi Q2 with the best coverage from Auto Europe.

Car rental coverage with Auto Europe
When you pick the car, you’re offered different coverages. We chose the Audi with Refundable Excess with Super Cover. It was the best coverage available for our awesome Audi. Why did we choose the best one? First, because this cover included the wheels, roof, glass, and undercarriage. Second, because in case of theft or damage, you’re supposed to pay an excess/a deductible (Selbstbeteiligung) directly to the local rental company. However, if you have the Refundable Excess with Super Cover, you can claim for the refund of this amount from Auto Europe after the rental. In our case, it was 950 €.

Loving Austria

Travel abroad
In most cases, you have to pay a cross border fee if you want to leave the country where you picked up the car. With Europcar, we paid 17.85 € extra for traveling to Austria. It’s always a local fee which you need to pay extra at the time of the pick up to the local rental company.

Picking up the car
We picked up the car at Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) in Munich. The desk of Europcar along with other rental companies is upstairs. When you stand in front of the Deutsche Bahn infobox, take the stairs on the left and you quickly find yourself with Europcar. The administration for the pick up went super quickly and smoothly. We picked up the car from a parking house located a few minutes away from Hauptbahnhof (Central Station).
I would like to emphasize the importance of arriving before the pickup time so that you can pick up your car as scheduled. Generally, being late from the pickup time is not tolerated by the local car suppliers, especially not in high season. In case you’re late, call them well in advance to notify them. Otherwise, your reservation can be canceled due to no-show.

What you need to pick up the car
– Passport or ID card
– Driving license
– Some document with your address, like the KVR Meldebescheinigung (official proof of residence)
– Credit card

Credit card requirements
– Make sure that your card is a credit card
– It must be your own credit card
– Make sure that you have enough money for blocking the deposit. Our credit card block was for example 300 €.
– Remember your password as the signature is not enough

Returning the car
We returned the car the same building where we picked it up. Due to the fact that we scheduled to return the car after office hours, we used the so-called drop box. It means that after parking the car, you need to drop the key in the drop box of the rental company. That’s all. Easy-peasy. 🙂

Terms, Conditions, Local Fees & General Business Terms 

Before submitting the payment, you can read all the terms and conditions of your rental car agreement.
Once you submitted the payment and the car is confirmed, you will shortly receive a voucher with the same information. The voucher explains black and white what you actually paid for. Make sure you read it! 🙂

4. From Plansee to Seebensee to Drachensee

Take the road to the Erwahlder Almbahn and take the cable car up. A single ride costs 12€ and a return one is 17€. The last cable car going down is at 16:30. We took the cable car up and then walked down on the way back. Walking down takes around 1 h 30 mins.

We couldn’t get there as the trail was blocked by snow on the way. But we tried at least. 😀 This is what happens when you forget to check the snow conditions. 😀 Nevertheless, we had a nice walk. By the way, I’ve already been to Seebensee and Drachensee. Therefore, I can show you in another blog what it’s like in summer.

Seebensee and Drachensee: Day trip from Munich

5. Budget with rental car

Check out our budget!

1. Driving expenses

Rental car: 115€
Cross border fee to Austria: 17.85€
Fuel: 26.60€

Total: 171.45€

If you are several people, it comes down this way:

If you are 2, per person: 85.72€
If you are 3, per person: 57.15€
If you are 4, per person: 42.86€
If you are 5, per person: 34.29€

2. Cable car
1 way: 12€ or
2 ways: 17€

Total including driving expenses and cable car two ways: 197.65€
If you are 2, per person: 102.72€
If you are 3, per person: 74.15€
If you are 4, per person: 59.86€
If you are 5, per person: 51.29€

If you have any question, write me in the comment section! 

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