I stayed for 2 weeks at the beginning of May 2019 in Taghazout in Morocco. During this time, I volunteered with Workaway at a hostel and explored the region. In this blog, I would like to share with you the most important things about Taghazout like what to do Taghazout, how to get there on a budget, day trip possibilities from there and my own perceptions about the place including the solo female traveling experience. 🙂 

1. About Taghazout

Taghazout is a quiet fishing village on the Atlantic coast in Morocco. It’s situated 19 km north of Agadir and 152 km south of Essaouira in the foothills of the western part of the High Atlas range.  Tourism is probably the most important source of income of the locals. This quiet village offers the perfect spot for people who want to chill on the beach, swim in the Atlantic Ocean, learn to surf, hike and take day trips to other amazing places.

The locals are mostly Berbers or also called Amazighs.

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2. How to get to Taghazout

From Marrakesh to Taghazout 

You can always take a private taxi everywhere. Private taxi prices are random. For this reason, I’m only writing about buses and shared taxis which have fixed prices. The prices I calculated in Euro and USD are only approximate amounts. Here is a step by step guide for how to get from Marrakesh to Taghazout through Agadir.

1. From Marrakesh Menara Airport the Marrakesh Train Station

With local bus
Option 1: #18
Option 2: #12 and change to #14
Price for each ticket: 4Dh (~0.40€/USD)

With airport shuttle #19
Price: 30Dh (~2.80€/~3,10USD)

2. From Marrakesh Train Station to Agadir Bus Station (Gare Routiere)
With Supratours or CTM bus
Price: 110Dh (~10.10€/~11.40USD)
Baggage ticket: 5Dh (~0.50€/USD)

3. From Agadir Bus Station to Taghazout

By bus
If you arrive at Agadir Bus Station (Gare Routiere) you can use Google Maps to find out how to get to Taghazout. First, you can take a local bus (#2, #16, #22) to the center of Agadir and then you take bus  #32 or #33. The schedule on Google Maps works pretty well, except during Ramadan in the evening. I think after like 18:00, it’s very rare that you see a local bus. It means that during Ramadan let’s say after 17:00 go for the shared taxi.
Price: 7.50 Dh (~0.90€/~1USD)

By shared taxi
You can take it from the shared taxi station called Agadir Grand Taxi Station. If you take a private taxi, you can always say grand taxi Taghazout and the private taxi will take you to the exact location of the station.
Price: 10 Dh (~0.80€/~0.90USD)

3. Top 6 things to do in Taghazout

1. Hang out in the village of Taghazout and on its beach

2. Chill on restaurant terraces

Having a tea at Surf Berbere

3. Walk north 5 km and try the beaches on the way

Beach in Taghazout in Morocco

4. Sunbathe on the beach and swim in the Atlantic Ocean

5. Run between the Taghazout beach and the Devil’s Rock

The distance between the Taghazout beach and Devil’s Rock is about 6,5 km. On the way, you can run on the Panorama beach and along the way, there are a lot of rocky parts which makes running more interesting. 🙂

6. Learn surfing

4. Where to stay in Taghazout

My top recommendation in Taghazout
Taghazout Beach
is the most popular and best-rated accommodation in Taghazout. It has rooms with amazing ocean view.

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Best budget stay in Taghazout
Hakuna Matata Surf House

If I take its prices, ratings, pretty rooms and its huge terrace with ocean view, I would say this the best choice.

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Best guesthouse in Taghazout
Munga Guesthouse
is my recommendation if you would like to enjoy more luxury and privacy.

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5. Day trips from Taghazout

Blogs on the way. 🙂

Paradise Valley



Legzira Beach


6. My perceptions of Taghazout

Local people
In the streets of Taghazout, I have only seen local men and tourists. I have seen one or two older local women outside on the streets and a couple of them working in some bakery shop. What I learned is that women rarely leave their home. Even shopping is done by men. As for the women working, they only work during Ramadan.

Like I mentioned Taghazout revolves around tourism. There are a lot of foreign tourists in Taghazout as it’s an extremely popular surfing destination.

How to dress up as a woman
In my opinion, you can wear in Taghazout, just like in all the touristic destinations in Morocco, whatever you want. I will write an entire blog about dressing up in Morocco because I would like to share the different viewpoints I had during the past couple of years.

Solo female traveling
It’s very safe to travel here as a woman on your own. Only a couple of times, some guys bothered me on the street in the village saying Hi, how are you? If you don’t react, they just stop bothering you. They are not pushy or assertive in bothering women. My female friends were sometimes bothered on the beach. The best thing to do is not reacting or leaving the place. Don’t waste your time talking with talking or arguing with these guys. You might ask yourself a question if I wear something conservative will I be bothered less. The answer is no. At this point, it makes no difference what you are wearing.

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