Alpaca or lama walking needs some planning. There are actually a lot of places close to Munich where you can meet and hang out with those cuties. 🙂 If you want to google where to do it, it would take a lot of time. But I’ve found a really cool website where a lot of them are collected into one place. Let me share you all I learned and experienced about the alpaca walk. 

  1. About the alpaca walk
  2. How to find and book an alpaca or lama walk
  3. How to get the alpaca farm in Lechbruck am See
    2.1. To Lechbruck am See from Munich by public transport
    2.2. By car
  4. How to get prepared for the alpaca walk
  5. Budget summary

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1. About the alpaca walk

  • Are alpacas friendly?
    Yes, they are very friendly, sweet and social creatures. They enjoy being around people. First, you need to put one of your hands in front of their nose. This is the first step to be their friend. Then, you can gently scratch them on the neck from the side. They don’t really like being touched anywhere else. Then, you can talk and walk with them.

  • Is the alpaca walk really a walk or a hike?
    It’s a very pleasant walk. It’s not hiking at all.

  • Is the alpaca walk tiring?
    Yes, it can be. The alpacas, in my opinion, are very spontaneous and they need your constant attention.
    When your alpaca start to run, you need to run after him and at the same time try to stop him from running too crazy. My alpaca, Jakob, did not run too much, but many others wanted to run quite a lot. 🙂 It can be that your alpaca wants to stop or move around or want to stop to eat every minute. In that case, you need to make them move. At the beginning, of course, I let Jakob do whatever he wanted. It was easier for me and I just wanted to be nice to him. I didn’t want to tell him what to do or not to do. So he stopped eating in every other minute. But this way we could not keep up with the group. So I had to keep Jakob tighter and be stricter to him. 🙂 Otherwise, the walk would have taken twice more time than planned.

  • Does the alpaca spit?
    Alpacas can spit, but we didn’t experience it at all. 🙂

2. How to find and book an alpaca or lama walk

So if you decided to do the alpaca or lama walk, here is how you do it.

First you need to buy a voucher (Gutschein) for the activity. There are several offers for walking with alpacas as well as with lamas.

Walking with alpacas and lamas

If you want to do the same as I organized for the Munich Travel Community, buy the voucher using this link. The price for 1 person is 34,90€.
2-hour walk with alpacas in Austria or Germany for 1 person

Or you can get a voucher for 2 persons for 69,90€.
2-hour walk with alpacas in Austria or Germany for 2 persons

I personally wanted something in the Garmisch area and therefore I picked Lechbruck am See. After being there I can only say it was a fantastic choice.

There is an option to book a slot right away when you want to buy the voucher, but it’s better to purchase the voucher first. So just select Gutschein kaufen and not Termin sofort buchen.

This is also what we did. Make sure you select online ticket which is free. 🙂

Once you paid, you will receive an email. Attached you will find an Erlebnis-Gutschein. In order to make the booking, follow the below steps.
You might not need my instructions, but here they are just in case. 🙂

Step 1: Click on the Gutschein-Code next to the bar code.
Step 2: Click on the arrow next to the code on the right.
Step 3: Click on Ort und Termin vereinbaren on the right in the black box.
Step 4: Choose your location, for example, Lechbruck am See.
Step 5: Click on Datum & Uhrzeit auswählen or click on the location on the map. On the mobile, it works better if you click on the map right away.
Step 6: Select the date, time and select 1 Person where you see Teilnehmeranzahl. Click on Weiter zum nächsten Schritt.
Step 7: Now you can see the summary of your booking. All good, so just click on Weiter zur Adresseingabe.
Step 8: Fill in the form and click on Weiter zum letzten Check.
Step 9: Check your appointment again and finish it with Einlösung bestätigen.
Step 10: After this, we received an email with the exact time of our activity. By clicking on Annehmen in the green box, you confirm the appointment and you receive your final appointment confirmation.
Step 11:  Print your voucher!

And BUMMM, you are ready! 🙂

3. How to get to the alpaca farm from Lechbruck am See

2.1. To Lechbruck am See from Munich by public transport

As we had our walk booked from 14:00 o’clock, we took the train at 09:52 from Munich. With this option, you only change once. Here is the best schedule from Munich:

09:52 Train departure from Munich
12:02 Change for bus or Linien taxi in Füssen
12:27 Arrival to Rathaus, Lechbruck am See

Be careful, because on bank holidays and on Sundays, it’s not always a bus, but a so-called Linien Taxi. In the Deutsche Bahn app, you can see for example BRB – AST or RE – BRB – AST instead of RE – BRB – Bus. If it’s a Linien-Taxi (AST), you need to call the number you can see in the app 60 minutes before the departure time and order the taxi. For one person it costs 5.10€.

Click on the banner below to check the time table for your trip! 🙂

I think it’s much better if you are at the alpaca farm earlier. That way you don’t have to rush at you have time to watch the alpacas eating and sleeping in the stall outside. Moreover, you can register your voucher with the farm nicely before the walk.

2.2. By car

If you drive,  I would recommend you to go there car, especially if it’s Sunday or bank holiday. In that case, you can rent a car from Auto Europe.

You can read more about car rental in my blog about a road trip to Plansee.

Plansee, Seebensee, Drachensee: Day Trip from Munich

The address is Schongauer Str. 54, 86983 Lechbruck am See, Germany. You can just park your car in the alpaca farm.

4. How to get prepared for the alpaca walk

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Better to eat before you start the walk as during the walk you need to pay attention to your alpaca.

5. Budget summary

– Bayern-Ticket: 11.60€ (If you are 5 persons)
– Alpaca walk: 34,90€

– Linien taxi: 5.10€

If you have any question, write me in the comment section! 

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